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I help you to become the optimized version of yourself

Being into spirituality for more than ten years, practicing more than twenty meditation techniques from renowned meditation centers, and by getting instruction from the original scriptures, seeking for the spiritual truth, Arun Khanal is a name among thousand other people into the path of the spiritual journey.

Besides, an engineering student, a dubbing artist, web developer, and various titleholder.

Whether I make a big difference or I make a small difference, doesn’t make any difference. What makes the difference is I am doing what I can.

I believe “You don’t need to be rich to help other people because every person has something extra than other people, so their extra should be shared with the people who need it”.


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From the ones with whom I have worked with

“I get to learn a lot of things while working with him”

- Founder of SASVENN

“Very friendly and have a wide knowledge in various field.”

- CEO of Hikoshu

“I simply love the work. I love his presence”

- Nutritionist

Marketing Collaborator