Art of getting out of comfort zone

Art of getting out of comfort zone


“If you want something that you are not getting right now then trust me, there is something more to do, so get out of your comfort zone”

Namaste,  welcome back to the next article. Today I will be writing about a very important topic, that is working. You get a lot of pieces of information, motivations and so on but in the end, if you cannot get that to work it’s worthless, isn’t it? You have an amazing idea, an amazing dream, that’s great, but will that dream or idea turn into reality without you working on that idea? Definitely not. So, you must get out of your comfort zone in order to make that happen.

Let’s understand what actually is your comfort zone. Simply, the lifestyle or the schedule that you are following right now is your comfort zone. You sleep for 8 hours a day and work for 2 hours, that’s your comfort zone. Comfort zone might not always be comfortable either, you might just sleep for 4 hours and work for 12 hours but it’s a habit for you then it’s your comfort zone. To simplify the idea, the pattern you are following is your comfort zone. Getting out of comfort zone means adjusting your schedule and lifestyle in such a way that you add some productive task in your schedule or remove some unproductive task. It’s simple right? But is it simple to do it? No, not really, unless you learn the art of getting out of the comfort zone. I will be writing some important things in this article such that you can get out of your comfort zone and achieve whatever you have wished for. 

Your comparison must be with you, yesterday’s you!

Most of the people when they want to achieve something or implement some ideas they generally quit after doing some minor works as they compare with others. Listen, never in your life, you should compare yourself with others. You must get inspired, that’s another part but comparing yourself and demoralizing yourself is equivalent to killing yourself.

You must compare yourself with yourself, yesterday’s you. Are you better than yesterday? Did you work at least 5 minutes more than yesterday? Are you good a little bit more than yesterday? Then you are good to go. Comparison demotivates you generally so if you can take someone forward of you as inspiration if you cannot at least don’t compare. 

Small steps at once

This is also one of the important things to consider while getting out of the comfort zone. People think like, from tomorrow I will change everything, but it’s now how your target is achieved. You have the previous inertia of your comfort zone which will not allow you to completely change the next day you plan. Most of the people cannot accomplish their target due to over-ambition. If you were just studying for 2 hours yesterday how can you plan to study for directly 6 hours today? Take baby steps. Slowly and gradually you should increase your capacity. The more ambitious you become lesser the chance of accomplishing your task which eventually demotivates you and you quit easily without accomplishing your task.


Think once the worst outcome

Most of the people get broken when they are not able to achieve what they aimed to achieve. Is almost sure that you will not achieve exactly as you have expected, either you achieve more or less. You might even get the worst outcome, so you must be aware of the fact, just be aware. Never keep the negativity within you of the worst outcome but still, just a little awareness will help for just incase. Therefore the when you get out of your comfort zone to achieve something, keep a little glimpse that it might not work too. But stay positive, it will. 


Reward yourself after completion of small tasks.

Your brain only does tasks if it gets a reward. There is a reward system in your brain, which in turn produces dopamine when you feel good. So, the reward system must go on for you to be motivated. After you get out of your comfort zone and do something reward yourself. The reward could be eating your favorite dish, talking to your closed ones, watching your favorite show, and so on, it’s subjective. The most important thing is you must acknowledge that you have achieved something. 


Become your personal coach

Yes, rarely will there be a person to motivate you and guide you. So, become the one. Who knows you better than you? It’s you, so genuinely guide, motivate yourself when needed. Either reminding yourself with the achievements that you have achieved in your life or reminding that you have your family who trusts you and so on. Whatever it may be, add fuel to the process. 

Life is really very short if you actually want to create and make a difference in the world or at least on your small family or yourself you must get of out comfort zone and start working. So, utilize your time, push yourself! Try to achieve your dream at any cost. Don’t fear that you might fail unless you have tried it, as it’s also your assumption, how can you be sure and not start at all. Implement your plans or goals, learn to get out of your comfort zone. 

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