Being in the moment is your superpower


Being in the moment is your superpower

You are just a body with past memories, you are the outcome of every past incident in your life, your thought is the outcome of what you have learned so far, your behavior is the outcome of how the world treated you till now, your physical body is the outcome of how did you treat it before, if you treated it healthily and have had healthy food, exercised, meditations-  you are a healthy being- if not, you are unhealthy. Your present is simply the projection of your past and your future is the projection of today. It’s a simple thing to understand, isn’t it?

You are a creator, you are creating your own upcoming moment. You give birth to your own time and you keep on giving birth to the moment that is near to you. Think about pregnant women who have an unhealthy diet, are sick but dream that her baby after birth will be strong, healthy all the time. Isn’t it senseless? How much she thinks she will not have a healthy child because in her present now she is unhealthy how can she give birth to a healthy future? A simple example to make you think of. What you have in your hand, what you own is only your present time neither your own past nor future then why to worry about the thing that you don’t own at all.

But the problem is you simply love the thing that you don’t own and don’t have any control over it that you keep on living with that in your head. You are either living in the past, thinking about the achievements you have achieved, thinking about the bad things you have done, analyzing the events in your life I should have done this, I should have done that OR I will do this, I will be the richest in future, after becoming rich I will buy this, I will buy that, I will learn this, and so on. You are busy with the thing that already has gone that is your past and you are busy with the thing that is about to come but no one knows how will that be also called your future, the uncertain thing. 

Your physical body is in the present but your mind is either in the past or future, you are not living your present, you are living either in the past or in the future. Suppose you are in an exciting place, it’s lovely, nature and is amazing, you have your loved ones with you, the present is damn amazing. But instead of living in that moment you get in your head a shit event that has hurt in your past or you may think about the bad thing or good thing assuming your future- no matter whatever you think you are missing the best thing that is available now, how can you enjoy the beautiful nature that you are in the present by keeping the shit past incident that had once hurt you or fearful future incident – in your head? Don’t get this wrong, so should I stop thinking about the past and the future? No not at all, thinking about the past and future is not bad at all and you should do that, but the problem arises when you start to live in the past or future moment that you create in your brain. If you are aware that you are thinking of the future or past in your head has nothing to do with the present and is drawing some conclusions now consciously without living at that moment that’s fine else you are missing this moment. 

Simply your life is a series of now, now and now.

Your present moment is unique, that never happened before and will never happen again. Unique means, it has nothing to do with anything else in this universe.

Maybe you are a topper in a class or an average person or a failure, maybe you have a beautiful love story or you are a broken one, maybe you have achieved a huge success or have failed in achieving, maybe you are poor or rich it doesn’t matter at all because your present moment is unique and it has nothing to do with the above-mentioned things. Now, the present moment has the capability to change everything and you have got a new chance to change everything in your life. It doesn’t matter whether you were a failure, you have now, the present moment, which is the power, a superpower that can change everything. 

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