Can words change reality? What experiment says about that?


Can words change reality? Can words heal the disease? What science says about that?

You might probably have seen your grandmother or some priest spelling some words in plain water or turmeric added water and giving it to the sick person which eventually makes them feel good. You might also have seen some religious masters talking about the manifestation. Saying, “It happens whatever you say from your heart.” It’s said it’s possible in many religions including Vedic Science. So, let’s figure that out in this blog post.

Have you read before about Dr. Masaru Emoto’s water experiment? If not let’s recall that. Dr. Emoto took some tap water, froze it, and looked under the microscope, and saw nothing in the pattern. This means there was no definite shape pattern, he saw some random pattern without any symmetry.  Then after, he spelled some positive words, gave the water some positive vibrations by saying, I love you, thank you, etc. Then he froze the water and saw some pleasing molecular patterns under the microscope. He again gave some negative affirmations or vibrations such as I hate you and frozen the water again and saw under the microscope and eventually saw some bad unpleasant patterns. Here I have attached some of his results of the molecular structure after the experiment. You can also read the complete article on the internet by searching water has memory experiments by Dr. Masaru Emoto


Can words change reality? Can words change reality?Can words change reality?


So, from this experiment, we can easily conclude that the vibration of words actually does matter, as vibration changes the molecular structure of water and we are 70% water. Therefore, the water given to you with the positive vibrations will have a present pattern in it which eventually helps you to feel good when you are sick. So your grandmother didn’t know the science behind it but she was correct. The priest might not know the science behind it but he was also correct. Although Vedic Science has not stated how is that possible actually Vedha also seems to be correct. Yes, your words or the vibration you have can change your reality. 

So, it’s always said in religious books or in Vedic Science that you must be positive to attract positiveness within you. You can make your words turn out into reality if you wish that with very deep intention. This might also be the reason behind the science of prayer. Dr. Emoto’s experiment has given science a good field of research to get to know about how the vibration and frequency can actually change reality! 

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