How to get rid of Negative Thoughts

We get positive as well as negative thoughts. That’s natural as nature has both positive and negative aspects of anything. If you have an exam to give then there is a chance that you will fail, as well as a chance you will pass the exam. So, the positive and negative aspect is common, it’s just that something has more positive aspect and less negative aspect whereas other has more negative and less positive aspect. Thoughts related to negativity can be said as negative thoughts whereas thoughts related to positivity can be said as positive thoughts.

A negative thought cannot be an issue unless you accept that negative thought. See, suppose a thought pops up in your head, let’s assume it is a negative thought. If you get aware of that thought and don’t focus on that it’s never an issue.

Let’s take an example, suppose you have a very tough exam to take tomorrow.  While you are studying suppose a thought pops up in your head that, “tomorrow’s exam is really tough, most probably I will fail it”. As soon as the thought pops up if you be aware of that thought and conclude that, “yes tomorrow’s exam is really tough I might probably fail so I must study hard”, the thought will not harm you in any way. Country, if the thought pops up in your head and you accept by saying, “yes tomorrow is really a though exam so, most probably I will fail so why study. I will not study.”, now you accepted that negative thought and that’s the problem.

Concluding that, you should be aware of negative thoughts rather than accepting them.


I have elaborated more in this video, see this on youtube. (Video is for the audience in Nepal).



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