How to have the best conversation with anyone

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How to have the best conversation with anyone.

Welcome back, you are on the second article of the series ” How to talk to anyone and become a great conversationalist” In this article, we will be focusing on how to have the best conversation with anyone. There are the points you must follow to have the best kind of conversation with anyone. 


1. Learn to be in the present moment

This is a very important technique to learn if you want that best conversation with anyone. If you see the professional speakers, when they are talking with someone they just give unwavering attention to the person they are speaking to, they are simply in the moment. They don’t care if their nose is itching, or they don’t message their arms, they are just focused on the person they are talking to. This is a very important trick to master. Why? Because if you start to move your hand, scratch your nose, or something like that the person with whom you are having the conversation feels uncomfortable and might think you are not interested in the conversation. To avoid that, be in the present moment. Avoid thinking about anything else, or scratching any part of your body, etc.  Want to be a master of being at the present moment? Take the 13 days MMIS (Meditation for Mindfulness, Inner-Engineering, and Self-Realization) course for free. Click on the free mediation from the menu of the website. 


2. Notice how your listener is reacting to your words.

You might have noticed when celebrities are giving an interview and suddenly if they see some bad signs of expression from the interviewer they switch the topic or twist the topic. So, you must be aware of how your opponent is responding to your words. If he is not responding well, you know right, what to do? Twist or turn the topic. Sometimes if your intention was good, elaborate that. You can learn a lot from the facial expression. So, just focus on the eyes of the person you are having a conversation with, words might lie but unless that person is a professional actor expression will not lie at all. You can feel that and react according to that. 

3. Learn to engage the person you are talking with.

There is a very good quote, “No man would listen to your talk if he didn’t know it was his turn next”. So learn to engage the person with whom you are talking so that with the fear that they have to respond. When someone feels they have to respond they will listen to your talk with more focus, in order to respond correctly. 

4. Learn to repeat the topic on the last two words that your conversation partner says

It is quite simple, if you don’t want to stop the conversation and want to keep it going just pick out some two words that your conversation partner said earlier and exaggerate that topic. It’s quite effective if you want to extend the conversation. Generally, people share the words they want to talk about. So pick such words to extend the healthy conversation. 


5. Grow more by listening than talking.

The classic saying right? None loves to listen to you more unless you are a celebrity. So, it’s important to make your conversation partner speak more. That makes them feel that you are prioritizing them. It is always beneficial to listen as you learn a lot by listening if nothing you will learn about that person. So, try to speak less!


6. Make them feel like you are like a family.

This is a very tricky one. How to make them feel like they are very close to you? Simply learn to repeat the different words they are using. That makes your conversation partner feel that you both have the same language tone, which eventually connects you. Don’t overdo it, else it might seem you are teasing them. It’s good art to master. 

7. Don’t be the unconscious listener

Most of the people do this when your conversation partner is speaking they just shake the hear or listen as if they are unconscious. Speak the phrases like, “oh I see”, “Oh sorry”, “That’s a lovely thing”, etc. Make them feel that you are listening to their words completely. But don’t overdo it after every sentence they complete.


If you follow these tricks you will be the master of having the best conversation. This is the end of the second article of the series. In the next article (the final article) you will be learning, things you must avoid to become a good conversationalist. 

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