Instruction for Meditation for Mindfulness and Self-Realization (MMSR)

I request you to read this page carefully before taking the MMSR (Meditation for Mindfulness and Self-realization) course.

  • I suggest you meditate early in the morning.
  • You can sit in any posture for meditation. Just make sure that your head, spine, and back are straight. I recommend the lotus posture by putting your hand facing upward.
Lotus posture for MMIS
Lotus Posture, thank you Karolina Grabowska for this image.
  • You might feel some difficulties in the beginning but don’t worry about that, you will be comfortable after a few days.
  • Please read the discourse part after completing the meditation daily, which is written in a comprehensive form.
  • You are free to ask as many questions as you can during and after the course. Simply follow the methods in the contact us page.
  • Do not share your experience with anyone during the course. Of Course after that, you can.

Some additional suggestions which are not compulsory to follow but better if you follow.

  1. It’s better you do not get indulged in any sexual activities while taking this course.
  2. It’s better to avoid any kind of additives (alcohol, drugs, smoking, etc)
  3. It’s best to take this course when you are not on a busy schedule so that you can without worry get out time for yourself.

You can take the course now, just click the button below or Free Meditation in the main menu and click on the day you are in.