Meditation for Mindfulness and Self-realization (MMSR) 13 Days FREE COURSE

 by Arun Khanal

Introduction to MMIS

Free Online Meditation Course by Arun Khanal

If you can live your life beyond the ordinary then why not? If you use your breath, thought and awareness in the right combination your ability to use your body and the mind will get enhanced so magically that you can achieve the unachievable in your life. The course duration is 13 days. You have to give your 20 minutes daily. This course is designed not just for materialistic benefits but also opens the possibility of the spiritual dimension for you, which you are not able to perceive now. The course you are going to take is completely well researched and already being done by thousands of people, MMSR is just the organized and little bit added meditation technique for the modern people. 

Yes, the course is completely free. In today’s world offering something for nothing seems little suspicious but you can fully trust me.  No spam, no fees, not even signup is required to join the course. There are a lot of online courses, which are quite expensive, which makes it not affordable for all. I made this course completely free so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of meditation and even walk on the spiritual journey if they wish.

No, not at all. The course will not use any religious term. Neither will it talk about any religion. So, feel free to take the course without any religious hesitation.

I cannot just limit the benefits of meditation with some few words. Meditation simply makes you SUPERHUMAN capable of utilizing your body and mind efficiently like you never did before to live a life beyond the ordinary. Meditation opens the door of possibility for spiritual success. However, if we have to talk about the immediate benefits or materialistic benefits these are:  increases your focus level, builds self-confidence, helps to control thoughts, decreases anger, increases creativity and productivity, increases emotional stability, growth in wisdom and there are a lot of benefits, why not reading the complete article on 40 benefits of meditation. However, wait, why just to read benefits when you can take the course and feel the benefits on your own?

No doubt, it will. Either you take the course in my presence or not it doesn’t actually matter unless you are serious about the meditation and you are following the instructions. And as I am there to reply to your question, I don’t think any problem will be there.

Definitely yes, I am always happy to hear your queries. Again, it is a free service. You can simply contact through the methods given in the contact page.

What else could be greater than the blessings? There is different happiness in sharing the wisdom you have. 

Read the instruction page, then after reading that you can start your course.