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Science behind pouring milk on Shivalinga

Is pouring milk on Sivalinga a waste? The science behind it.

There are a lot of people who are against pouring milk on Siva linga and claim it’s a waste and rather feed some hungry people. We will try to figure out why Milk is being poured in Shivalinga and the science behind that. We will also figure out is wasting hundreds of liters of milk beneficial spiritually, or it’s another misinterpretation of scriptures.

First of all Shiva Linga is an object which can radiate energy. I will not go deeper into the construction and science behind shiva linga. Simply for this article, the reader should accept the fact that the well constructed Shiva Linga can radiate some positive energy that is really very beneficial for human beings. 

The concept of pouring water into the Shiva Linga from the container of copper is really very scientific. See, we know very well that copper is a good conductor and water being an electrolyte can also conduct some energy better than air. Therefore rather than having direct contact with Shiva Linga and touching that physically it’s generally preferred to observe the energy of the shiv linga within any person by the indirect contact. That is with the help of water and copper container (Karuwa). From this perspective pouring water to Shiva Linga is really very scientific and good for the person.

Now let’s get into another portion, how good is it to pour milk on Shiva Linga?

Let’s analyze the fact that most of the Shiva Linga is made out of Rock. Rock carved in the perfect shape following the process of making it, correcting every dimension makes a perfect Shivalinga. Shiva Linga’s dimension must to so perfect in order for it to work as an energy radiating source. The property of rock or any stone is that if it’s not taken care it will get a crack in it. Such a perfectly made Shiva Linga when gets cracked it’s of no use. It cannot radiate the energy and it becomes as equivalent to normal stone. In order to stop it from cracking, we generally apply the fatty substance, either that be Ghee, Milk, Honey, etc in it. This is the science behind pouring Milk, Ghee, Honey on the Shiva Linga. 

Now, look it’s good to preserve the Shiva Linga, but the way people pour is really very excessive in amount. A temple must pour milk or honey or ghee in order to keep that moisturized. So a little amount is sufficient. People pouring milk over it is useless as it’s excessive in amount. 

Therefore the Pujari (Priest), should pour milk or honey or ghee daily to preserve the Shiva Linga in its perfect shape but devotee must not waste milk or honey or ghee there.

It’s always good for people to pour plain water on the Shiva Linga from the copper vessel from their hands. Else, it’s of no use. 

If you are a person with Vedic knowledge, there is a concept in Ayurveda. In the months of Shrawan, the Vata component is excessive so one must not drink milk. So it’s said to pour to Shivalinga. I cannot explain the scientific perspective of this concept. If there is anyone who can, I would love to hear that too. I just kept this so that any prospective of Vedic Science is not suppressed. 

So, here is your answer to the question is pouring milk on Shiva Linga good? If the Shiva Linga is already preserved by applying fatty substances in it which is generally done in the Temples by the Pujari, it’s a waste to pour milk in Shiva Linga. One must emphasize pouring water from the copper vessel, which is very beneficial. 

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