Laws of power: How to become powerful

Laws of power: How to become powerful

Hello, hope you are doing well. Today we will be talking about how to become powerful by following some laws of power as defined by the best seller author Robert Greene. We live in a world where your power matters a lot and gaining that power by understanding the laws of power is not a piece of cake for everyone. Only 1% of the population in this world uses this. But don’t worry the secret is no longer going to be a secret at all. So, let’s dive into some of the most important laws of power. Of course, I will not be talking about all the laws that are mentioned in the book but some of the most important that would help you to increase your leadership and power.

Never outshine the master

There is a common misunderstanding among the people that the more you show your master or boss that you are best in terms of everything than your master he will help you to grow and give you some power in the company you are working in. As already written that’s a misunderstanding. Always make your master feel superior to you no matter how amazing you are. Never go too far in displaying your talents. It’s good but always make your boss superior. Make your master fell more brilliant than they are so that you will help you to gain the height of success. Remember making others feel brilliant doesn’t actually downgrade yourself. 

Say less than necessary

Either in any shorts of relationships or any shorts of business works, it’s always better to say less than necessary. But why? When you are trying to impress people with words, the more you say the more common you appear and less in control. And you must understand that common means no power!

Make other people come to you don’t insist to help unless necessary

When you actually help someone without them asking you become the one in control. This doesn’t apply in very strong relationships but applies elsewhere. It’s always better your opponent to come to you and you should help them after which will make you more powerful and make your help rememberable for a longer time or maybe lifetime.

Learn to keep people dependent on you

It’s simple, more the people are dependent on you, you are subconsciously superior and more powerful. So, you should learn to make people more and more dependent on you. So, don’t disclose your every secret of work, if you want to become powerful. 

Make your accomplishments seem effortless

Your actions must seem natural and executed with ease. That’s what the most powerful person does, they make everything seem easy than it is. Avoid the temptation of revealing how hard it was to do any work. Make yourself uncommon, make yourself powerful like any work for you is not that difficult. 

Think as you like but Behave like others

If you make a show of going against the times and the people around you, people will think you are only trying to gain some attention. So it’s really very important to think as you like but behave like others so, don’t try to become superior in behavior. 

Avoid stepping into great man’s shoes

It means don’t even dare to pinpoint and say anything bad about anyone that already has gained some reputation although you don’t like that person at all. That will ruin your career for sure. No matter you have succeeded that great man you must avoid saying anything bad.

Strike the shepherd and the sheep will scatter

Strike at the source, strike at the controller, strike at the head don’t care about sheep, they will scatter once the shepherd is struck. If you strike the sheep the shepherd will know that attack you, but if you strike the shepherd sheep cannot harm you much and things become effective. This law of power is widely used in politics? How? I leave that to you, analyze and relate to your country’s politics. 

Never appear too perfect

Appearing better than others is dangerous but more dangerous is to appear to have no faults or weakness. It is best to occasionally display your defects and admit to your mistakes. The only god is perfect, you are a human so don’t try to be too perfect. Be perfect in your work but also show some defects in you, so you become a powerful person.

So keeping these things in your head and working on the heart and mind of others will help you to gain power in every situation in your life. 

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