40 benefits of mediation as shared by people

Benefits of meditation
Benefits of mediation, Thank you, Melissa Van Gogh, for this image.


If you can live your life beyond the ordinary then why not? If you use your breathe, thought and awareness in the right combination your ability to use your body and the mind will get enhanced so magically that you can achieve the unachievable in your life. 

First of all, summing up all the benefits will not give justice to the meditation course. Meditation in fact is the possibility for you to explore the spiritual dimension of your life. Likewise, there are many other materialistic or physical benefits as well.

Either you take the 13 days free mediation course (MMIS) offered by Arun Khanal on this website or any other paid meditation course the benefits are somehow similar, although it may depend upon person to person and how seriously and properly they are doing the course as well as it sometimes depends on the type of meditation technique they are practicing. Some meditation technique just focuses on the spiritual perspective, but needless to worry about the free meditation course by Arun Khanal. It is for inner engineering as well as for spiritual perspective or self-realization. 

I will try to make this article as short as possible trying to mention almost all the benefits that I got to know from my personal experience, from the people (mediation camps), books, etc.

Let’s start with the psychological benefits as most of the people expect that at first from meditation. But a quick reminder if you have read my book you already know that, don’t expect anything while doing meditation. Let the benefits flood towards you and realize that later.


You will start to be in the present moment

If you have noticed, your brain or mind whatever you call that never stays in the present moment. Everything your mind is thinking is either from the past or the future. Your regret and sadness are the reason that your mind is thinking of the past and your worry is the reason that your mind is thinking of the future. In the present there is nothing. So, the key to having an amazing life is to be in the present moment. Seems simple but not possible for the general mind, but easy for the meditative mind. What else can be the most beneficial thing of meditation when you can be in the present moment almost always after you start to practice the meditation just for 20 minutes a day.


You will have the most focused mind than you have ever had before

You pretty know that everything is all about focus. How successful your work will depend on ho much focused you are. Your grades depend on how focused you were while reading, isn’t it? So, meditation increases the focus level so drastically that you will experience the most focused state of your brain as you have never faced before.


An overall increase in productivity

You already have read above that meditation cultivates an unparalleled ability to focus. Likewise,

  1. Your mental strength increases
  2. Your overthinking habit decreases
  3. You will start to process information better
  4. Your problem-solving and decision-making capacity increases
  5. Your memory retention and recall capacity will be impressive

What else is required to increase your overall productivity right?


Habits you always said are bad for you starts to fade out slowly

Meditation also helps you to make you a better person day by day. I will write in some points about that,

  1. You will let go of your ego.
  2. Depression related problems stars to fade away.
  3. You will stop getting angry easily.
  4. You will have emotional stability.
  5. Purifies your character.
  6. Develops more will power.
  7. Heps you to ignore petty issues. 
  8. Less aggressiveness.


Better social behavior

Meditation increases your confidence, your will power, resolves phobias, and fears to some good extent, you will have the feeling of thankfulness as well as compassion for all which ultimately makes your social behavior better.

Now, let’s talk about some of the physiological benefits of meditation too.



Benefits of meditation on the psychology

Benefits of mediation on psychology
Benefits of mediation on psychology. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio


I will just point out this section. 

  1. It slows the heart rate and increases blood flow.
  2. Increases your physical tolerance capacity.
  3. Enhances the immune system.
  4. Your energy loss decreases gradually.
  5. Relaxes your nervous system.
  6. Some people even claim it increases tolerance capacity for migraine patients. 
  7. Balances your blood pressure, especially for people with high blood pressure.
  8. Decreases respiratory rate.
  9. Leads to a deeper level of physical relaxation.
  10. You start to sweat less.
  11. Some even claim, cures infertility (Sometimes stress problem interfere with the release of hormones that regulate ovulation, which causes infertility, as meditation somehow decreases stress level for some people that resulted in a cure of infertility issue)



Spiritual benefits of Mediation

Spiritual benefits of Mediation
Spiritual benefits of Mediation, Thank you Slava for this image.


Meditation gives you the way to fell the spiritual dimension. So, this dimension is to be felt by yourself. Neither it can be explained nor it should be. But I can still write some of the points for you.

  1. Brings your mind, body, and spirit or the awareness in harmony.
  2. Provides great peace of mind and joyfulness.
  3. Enhances a deeper understanding of yourself and others.
  4. A path for self-realization.
  5. It helps you to increase forgiveness.
  6. A path for enlightenment.
  7. You will start to discover the consciousness that is beyond the ego.
  8. If you believe in god, your relationship with God will become deeper.
  9. You will be in sync with nature.
  10. Your attitude toward life starts to change.


These are the benefits that people experienced after practicing meditation for months or years. To know, how beneficial and amazing the meditation is you should practice meditation on your own and experience the benefits. You can take the 13 days MMIS (Mediation for Mindfulness, Inner-Engineering, and Self-Realization) course, which is completely free.

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