Master the skill of conversation and talk to anyone

Master the skill of conversation and talk to anyone

The art of becoming the great conversationalist


No matter what field you are working on, the conversation is one of the most vital aspects of your success. If you are not a good conversationalist you cannot achieve the maximum that you have expected from any field. In this series blog, I will particularly be talking about the qualities you must develop to become a good conversationalist. In fact, if you apply all the methods given in this series correctly you will become the master of conversation. 

You just have 10 seconds to set the first impression with someone. So, you must be very conscious of your first 10 seconds of your meet. This is the first series where I will be talking about the,


First impressions of the good conversationalist


1. Learn to give a genuine smile

Normal people actually don’t know how to give a genuine smile to make the one receiving it feel special. The trick is, don’t flash an immediate smile when you greet someone, as though anyone who walked into your line of sight would be the beneficiary. Instead, use the pause and smile method. For this, look at the other person’s face for a second or two and then give a big and warm smile looking into their eyes. Your conversation partner must fell that you smile is just for them not anyone else.

Also, it’s best to have a distinguishing smile for a very special person. Don’t have the same amount of warmth in your smile for every single person you meet. Learn the art of distinguishing your smile. 

2. Practice the art of eye contact

Eye contact is a must. The technique is often known as Sticky Eyes. Try to have eye contact as much as possible, eye contact makes you not just attached to that person but also gives the opponent the sign of confidence that you have. If you have to look somewhere else look slowly and get back as if you are highly interested in looking at their eyes. Another important tip is if you are in a meeting and you have one very important person then genuinely try to make eye contact with that person although that person is not speaking. But don’t overdo it, it might seem creepy. 


3. Learn the hello old friend technique

No matter if you have been meeting someone for the first time, learn the art of treating that person as if he was your friend before. That makes that person feel special, and your behavior makes that person feel important which instantly helps you to make that person close to you. Don’t overdo this method, else the conversation partner might feel you are trying to use them by making them more closely.


4. Learn to mood match the person

You can understand the mood of the person from the facial expression and the tune of the hello word or any first word they speak right? So, try to match the mood of the person. If the person seems sad, become sad, and make that person comfortable for a while and start another talk, rather than jumping into your content. 

5. Learn to genuinely compliment the person if needed immediately after you greet them

Well, you matched the mood and talked, now it’s time to compliment the person if necessary. Who doesn’t like genuine compliments right?  If you are seeing them well today, don’t forget to share that. That makes them closer to you. Either they are wearing a matching dress, or have a good hairstyle, anything you feel good about doesn’t hesitate to share. 

So, these were the first impressions of the good conversationalist. In the next article of this series, we will be talking about what to consider while you are having a conversation. How to have the best conversation with anyone. 

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