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Meaning of the title, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

Meaning of the title, Vigyan Bhairav Tantra

Collectively the meaning of this title, “Vigyan Bhairav Tantra”, is the technique of going beyond consciousness. Vigyan means consciousness, Bhairava is the state beyond consciousness and Tantra is the method. In modern words, it is basically a science that leads you to enlightenment. So, tantra is a science, not a belief, it is a method, not a philosophy. It is neither faith, it’s a process. 

If someone goes and asks the religious or so-called spiritual master, “I am a thief, teach me meditation”, “I am alcoholic, teach me meditation”, “I am a murderer, teach me meditation”,  etc the so-called master will reply, first of all, leave your profession. 

But, Tantra is not like that. Whoever you are, wherever mindset you have, whatever professions you are one, whoever you worship, it is for you. Your being a human being is enough to use the methods given by Adhiyogi or this series. 

Choose the technique that you feel like will work for you, keep your entire energy on that technique and you will see the new man evolving within you. The key is don’t expect anything just work on the technique. Tantra strongly believes you cannot change a man by the philosophy completely, rather give that man a technique that will eventually change him. Tantra ignores all philosophy like, don’t think negatively, don’t be angry, and so on. Nothing to do, just follow the method, invest your energy on it, everything that is not good for you will start fading on its own. You don’t need philosophy on what to do and what not, the technique will make you differentiate what is good for you and whatnot. You will start to feel on your own. You don’t need to remember any philosophy for being into the path of Tantra or spirituality. 

The question might be there, there are 112 methods, which one is good for me? It’s your job to find that. Just if you feel good while learning the process, try that. If you feel it’s working carry on else change the method. As simple as that. When you try the right method it clicks you immediately. And be sure, out of 112 methods of meditation, at least one will be there which is for you. All the enlightened people in this world got enlightened from the one or more techniques written in this book. I will not be keeping all the techniques in this series as there are a lot of techniques that must be done under the supervision of the master else that might harm you. It’s like not letting a beginner student do an experiment in the lab on his own.  So, I will just be mentioning the simple technique. Also, there are a lot of methods that deal with sex, I will not be mentioning those too, they are really very complicated to be written and to explain, the more important is it must not be done without supervision so it’s worthless to mention the method. 

From the next chapter or article, I will directly be writing the methods of meditation without adding much philosophical stuff. 

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