Benefits of meditation
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Meditation that deals with physical movement

Benefits of meditation

Namaste, welcome back. In this article, I will be mentioning some of the meditation that deals with physical movement or simply motion. These techniques are for someone who cannot stay still, the sporty kind of person. Like always, let me begin writing the most senseless yet the most meaningful text for mankind. 

Roam until you get exhausted and drop to the ground and be the whole. 

In this technique you are supposed to roam, you can dance, you can jump, you can run in a circle whatever you prefer, do that until you get exhausted. Do not pay attention to your brain, just become exhausted. Completely exhausted. Ignore the mind and become exhausted to maximum, using all energy within you. When your energy is over, drop on the ground completely and be the whole. Be the whole means think everything as one, like you are one with the earth and this universe. Make yourself exactly the same, become one with the universe. Everything will disappear for you and you become the whole. 

Listen to the continuous sound plugging your ears or the sound of the waterfall

If you are sitting by the side of a waterfall, close your eyes and feel the sound all around you completely. Feel the vibration of falling, from every side of you, creating a center in you from every side. Just witness the sound, feel the vibration of the sound. Relax completely and ultimately become the sound. If there is no waterfall, if you plug your ear with your finger you will hear the continuous sound, do as written above. 


Likewise, there are a lot of methods in the book that deal with listening to sound. Like feeling the Ohm, just witnessing the O of Ohm, M of Ohm, and so on. Some techniques even tell you to enter into your own sound and feel that completely and sense other sounds. 


As I said in the beginning there are a lot of methods of meditation related to union, I will not be discussing that here as it might misguide the audience. This is the end of this series. I just kept some of the simple and easy to understand methods in this series. If you are interested to know all the 112 methods, there are a lot of books available, but I would recommend the book of Acharya Rajneesh. If you understand Hindi, there is a book by Vraj Vallabh Dwivedi’.

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