Meditations related to the sense organs

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Meditations related to the sense organs.

Namaste, and welcome back. 

The methods are quite complicated and quite difficult to do. But let’s get into some of them. Don’t try to find any meaning out of it, as I have already explained in the first and second chapters. It’s a waste of time. They are methods, they don’t have any philosophy or meaning.  So, let’s continue the senseless yet the most meaningful book ever.


Avoid and stop the doors of sense while feeling the creeping of an ant, then…..

Shiva is not saying you go to the ant habitat so that it will start to creep on you. No, he meant to indicate some painful action. It can be a thorn in your leg, bite of any animal, and so on. It is such that it must create some pain in your body. That can even be a headache too. Anything that makes you feel pain or uncomfortable. When you are feeling pain, like there is creeping of an ant in your feet, avoid the sense organs completely. Like the blind cannot see the light. Likewise, try to kill the sensation of pain and completely close the door of that sense. It is really a difficult method of meditation. The then… indicates do this and you will get connected to the ultimate or enlightenment. Definitely not at once, it takes time.

When you are on your bed or sitting on a chair, let yourself be weightless, beyond the mind.

This method basically says you want to become weightless. When there is no weight there is no body, when there is no body and mind, the only remaining thing is the consciousness and that is you. 

Be in the middle, unmind the mind. 

It is the technique followed by Gautama the Buddha. Think of it as a pendulum. When the pendulum is moving to the extreme left it is gathering momentum to get to the extreme right? But if the pendulum is at the center or the middle, no momentum at all. So, be in the middle. For everything in your life, be in a neutral state. Neither too much happiness, nor too much sadness. You feel pain, treat it as a sensation, nothing more. Neutralize the thought, don’t exaggerate it. So, be neutral for everything. This is the key. 

Look at any object with pure love. Do not go to another object, look that lovingly. There is a bliss

Have you ever looked at any object lovingly? You might say yes. But I will again ask, have you ever looked at any object with pure love? Without any lust, without any expectations. When you look at some beautiful lady, in the other part, you might be thinking of some lust or might have some expectation. You might think of using her for your happiness, wishing that she was yours or something like that. I am not talking about that love. I am talking about the love which is untouched by lust and expectations. Love that is not concerned with yourself but to others. Whenever you see the beautiful face, thinking of how to make it smile, how to make that person feel good without any desire and expectation is the love Shiva is talking about. Note that, love is surrender, lust is aggression. So, this technique is basically look at anything with the love I described above you will find the bliss, which is beyond lust. Beyond Happiness! 

Just sit with your buttock without any support of hand or feet.

You know very well that the buttock is less sensitive as compared to other organs. If it was sensitive like other organs then you cannot sit the whole day on your buttock. So, they are naturally very less sensitive. The method is simple, make it the sensitive part and witness that. Means, just sit with your buttock, without any support of your hand or feel. Then just focus on that area forgetting everything. Let your entire consciousness be on the buttock. Ignore every part as if the only buttocks are remaining in your body, everything doesn’t exist at all. 

When some desire comes, consider it completely and suddenly quit it.

So, it is quite simple yet misunderstood. Whenever some desires come to you, that desire might be for food, fun, sex, game, etc. Any desire, consider it completely. How to consider it completely might be the question? Don’t add any ethics or previous values to it. Suppose you desire for sex, then don’t add any previous interpretation on it, like it’s bad, it’s fun, it’s religiously bad, I am thinking about sin or anything like that. Just consider the desire completely. Don’t enjoy it, don’t go against it, just consider it as it is. Become the slave of that desire without adding your ideas to it. Feel it without any judgment and when it completely covers your body, suddenly quit it. 

This is the end of this article. In the next article, I will be writing the meditation techniques mentioned in the book, which deals with physical movements.

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