Sit in any comfortable position and play the guided meditation audio given below.

Do read the discourse after the completion of meditation session.

Congratulations, the first-day meditation is over. However, it is just the beginning of your journey. Still, 12 days remaining for the course to complete and you must work patiently, continuously, and persistently. Your own hard work will yield to you the result of this course. Remember, I have tried to make this discourse as short as possible trying to convey all the necessary information but if your queries are not covered within a discourse you can easily contact me without hesitation. You are free to ask me as many questions as you want. 

First, today is your first day. You just tried to witness your respiration process as it is by witnessing at your nostrils. You must know that it is not a breathing exercise. You are not supposed to regulate your breath as you do in the yogic practice such as Pranayama. You are just supposed to be the witness of your breath. Just be aware of incoming or outgoing, just be aware of which nostrils the breath is passing, as it is. Do not interfere with the natural flow. 

However, needless to say, it becomes very difficult on the first day. You might face a lot of discomforts as you are not used to the posture or sitting still and doing nothing. Your brain is habituated to get involved in something but here you are just supposed to sit and witness the breath. So, while meditating you must have noticed your chattering mind, the distracted mind. That is normal; you have never taught your brain to just focus on one particular thing before so it is natural that the brain will remind you of the past incidents or future incidents or some to-do list and so on to disturb you because of inertia. That is very natural so don’t get demotivated. The brain will be focused or concentrated as you carry on with this course, your discomfort will pass away slowly, the mind will become tranquil slowly, do not worry. 

As you know this meditation course (MMSR)  is not just for the focus or mindfulness; it is for spiritual growth also. Therefore, the purpose of Day 1 and Day 2 are just to make you comfortable, just to concentrate your mind but this is definitely not the final goal. The final goal is to re-engineer your mind and body to make it efficient like never before, make you mindful, and to make you start your own spiritual journey if you are interested.  So, tomorrow also you will be doing the same technique. Do not expect sudden benefits from the technique, it takes time. Enjoy the process; there are a lot of potential benefits out of this course.

With Love,

Arun Khanal