DAY 13 of Meditation for Mindfulness, Inner-Engineering, and Self-Realization (MMIS) COURSE

Sit in any comfortable position and play the guided meditation audio given below. 

MMIS (Meditation for Mindfulness, Inner-Engineering and Self-Realization) Complete

Do read the discourse after the completion of meditation session.

Many many congratulations, that you have completed the course.

This is just a beginning. The course taught you the actual MMIS technique, but now you have to practice on your own. To always, have the benefits that you are feeling right now and to explore many potential benefits you must practice this meditation technique daily. I have attached the downloadable link 20 minutes guided meditation (It’s the same that you practiced on 11th, 12th, and 13th day).  Be consistent on the schedule. And as always I am there to listen to you, so you can easily contact me without hesitation.  

In addition, some people wish to get certificates for taking the online course and I respect their perception too. Therefore, I will also provide you a free certificate. You can fill up this form (Click the button below this discourse). I will reply to you personally. 

For the one who wants to walk on the spiritual journey, you need to give more time to the meditation technique, I recommend 1 hour a day.  I have written a book called, “This is it of Spirituality”. This book is only for the one interested in self-realization or spirituality. You can get it after it gets published. 

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Don’t forget to at least share this course with your closest 3 people so that they also get benefited from this. 

Some people do ask me, can I do this course again? Yes, you can, as many times as you want. 

Thank you.

With Love,

Arun Khanal