DAY 5 of Meditation for Mindfulness, Inner-Engineering, and Self-Realization (MMIS) COURSE

Sit in any comfortable position and play the guided meditation audio given below.

Do read the discourse after the completion of meditation session.

Congratulations, the fifth-day meditation is over. I understand today’s meditation was quite a complex one for most people. Only after practicing breath awareness for a long time, you will be aware of the gap or void between the breath, where the breath is neither coming in nor going out. In the subtle gap between breaths, you are at the center. If you were not able to feel the gap you were supposed to just follow the breath like yesterday’s technique. Whatever happened today, forget that I know you tried your best. 

Till today, you were made to do these 3 kinds of meditation, 2 of the same kind which is known as Ana Pana in Pali language and one Void meditation. These meditations were to make you more focused, more aware, and concentrated. From tomorrow, you will be doing the very important meditation technique intended for mindfulness, inner-engineering, and spiritual growth.  So there is no specific name for the technique that you will be learning from tomorrow. It seems quite similar to the Vipassana Meditation technique for mindfulness but it’s not just that, so I have not found any specific name for this meditation technique, simply call that, MMIS (Meditation for Mindfulness, Inner engineering, and Self-realization) which is the name of the course. 

Best wishes for tomorrow.

With Love,

Arun Khanal