DAY 6 of Meditation for Mindfulness, Inner-Engineering, and Self-Realization (MMIS) COURSE

Sit in any comfortable position and play the guided meditation audio given below.

Do read the discourse after the completion of meditation session.

Congratulations you made it to day 6. Today you learned the partial method of MMIS (Meditation for Mindfulness, inner engineering, and Self-realization). This method is a very important method with a tremendous amount of benefits and spiritual possibilities. 

In this technique, you are asked to witness the sensation of your entire body. While reaching the top of the head or when you reach the foot you are supposed to say, “I am not the mind I am not the body, I am just the witness of these all”. Yes, you said it right. You are just the witness of the body and mind. Your mind is probably your biggest enemy when it comes to spirituality, as your mind thinks it is you but it’s not you. Your mind and body are the best-engineered mechanism that when utilized efficiently can achieve the unachievable. So you are the witness of this mind and body. When you become the witness of the mind and body then only you can use the mind and body efficiently without getting much more affected by the mind and body things such as Lust, Greed, Anger, etc. Don’t worry when you keep on practicing you will experience that on your own and you will be out of these bodies and mind things and start to utilize your body and mind efficiently as you have never done before. You are now the slave of your mind, mind makes you do what it wants but after being good at MMIS you can direct your mind and body in the direction where you want.

Give your best.

With Love,

Arun Khanal