DAY 7 of Meditation for Mindfulness, Inner-Engineering, and Self-Realization (MMIS) COURSE

Sit in any comfortable position and play the guided meditation audio given below.

Do read the discourse after the completion of meditation session.

Congratulations, you have completed the seventh day of the MMIS course. You are just supposed to witness the sensations of your body. The more you witness it you will realize the impermanence nature of the sensations. None of them is permanent. They come but definitely go. Moreover, when you become more aware of sensations you will notice that it’s your brain, which has categorized sensations as good or bad. Sensations are sensations; just witness them as it is. You will later know by yourself that there is no such thing as good or bad, sensations are sensation, neither good nor bad, and are impermanent in nature. You will later know that the more you try to emphasize the sensation the more it tries to grow but if you just witness that as it is, it goes away very soon. So, this is the reason why this meditation technique even gives relief to severe chronic pains, migraines, etc. The more you start to know this truth on your own, your life will become amazing and joyful.

Best wishes for tomorrow.

With Love,

Arun Khanal