My review on ‘Consciousness Engineering’ with Vishen Lakhiani

My review on ‘Consciousness Engineering' with Vishen Lakhiani

I recently took the ‘Consciousness Engineering’, course by Bishen Lakhiani who is one of the best speakers of the world and is the founder of Mindvalley. In this post, I will be sharing my experience as well as a synopsis of what is being taught in the course.

He starts the course with the very catchy quote,

“Grow so fast that your friends who haven’t seen you in a month have to get to know you all over again”.

I was impressed by the quote and he says consciousness engineering is all about your rapid growth. In this world where the growth is exponential one must adapt to grow individually at that pace. 

At the very first of the session, he asks us to rate the present life out of five, in terms of productivity, economic growth, personal growth, and so on. He then talks about the term, brain exchange, which might be a new term for most of you. It is basically trading your capacity. He in his seminar says he once traded with one of the best digital marketing experts by saying, I will develop a website for you that is what I know and you teach me digital marketing. Did you get the idea right? He means to say that, that was how he grew from nothing to what he is today. 


Barrier to transformation

You might have access to anything possible in today’s world. You want to become fit, you might have access to the gym, you want to learn a book you might have access to the book, and so on. But do you have access to the right knowledge? In today’s world, knowledge is not that important, what is important is the right knowledge. Along with the right knowledge, the right mentor, the right network, and the right system play a vital role in your transformation. 

Formule for human transformation:

Cognition + Models + Systems

Where cognition means what you are learning. Models of reality are your beliefs. Systems are the system of living or your practices. 

If you want to transform, you must bring all three of these into your life. 

Basically, people want to learn and they gather information. That is the first step, cognition. People don’t basically don’t focus on models and systems which actually hinders their transformation. Neither the university nor schools teach you that. 

Cognition is something that could be found everywhere and it’s of your choice. But models and systems are not found easily so that was the focus for discussion in the seminar.


One must understand the difference between the absolute truth and the relative truth. Absolute truth is the truth that no one can deny, like the existence of the sun, earth, etc. Whereas the relative truth is the truth that might be the truth for you but not for someone else. 

Can we really see something if we don’t have the word for that? Think once!

To change the models of reality of your beliefs, you must step out of the common beliefs of people. That is called culture scape. To become visionary or successful you must step out of the culture scape. So basically you must question the general ideas in your life. What is your idea for work? What is your idea for love? An idea about leadership? Think and redefine your own belief. Basically what you know from family or society might not be correct, those ideas might pull you back so redefine such ideas and that is what all the successful people do. 

There is a famous quote by Steve Jobs,

Everything around you that you call life was made up by people no smarter than you. And you can change it, you can influence it… Once you learn that you will never be the same again.

Let’s connect Models of Reality and Systems fo Living now.

Think of Models of reality as hardware of the computer system and system of living as the software or your apps. You generally have the idea that in order to use some new hardware you need some new software that supports that. As hardware in a computer system is swappable, your beliefs can also get swapped. The software will make it happen. So, you must upgrade both at once. If you have old hardware and new software it will not work and vice versa. Isn’t it?

He then in the seminar explains this in detail as well as gives the importance of networking groups. 

In the end, it’s a good session if you are really a beginner in the field of self-help, I mean if you have not read a related book and so on. So, I rate the seminar 3.5/5.

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