Philosophy of Krishna, The Bhagwat Gita in 400 words

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Philosophy of Krishna, The Bhagwat Gita in 400 words

First of all Bhagwat Gita basically deals with the art of living rather than being any religious book. It deals with spirituality, psychology, and Vedic guidelines. I know I cannot ever give justice to Bhagwat Gita with 400 words, not just that I cannot explain Bhagwat Gita in thousand of words too. It.s so deep that I can keep on writing and writing and still there will be something remaining to be explained. So this article is just an overview, what’s in it. 

Gita originated from the confusion of Arjuna. So, basically Bhagwat Gita was said to Arjun to clear that confusion where Krishna touched almost all the aspects of life. 

See, in any person’s life there is a confusion of whether to do or not, whether to accept something or not, whether something has meaning or not, isn’t it? Life is all about a dilemma on certain choices that actually grows you or pulls you down. 

The very important summary of Gita is every person must understand that they are way more powerful than they believe they are. Everything that seems in life is really very small than they are, the confusions are smaller than their intelligence, pain is smaller than what they can bear, happiness is a small term compared to the very nature of the soul which is eternal and so on. 

No one’s life is constant, things do change, people do change, and everything changes. Sometimes happiness, sometimes sadness, but the key to winning and living any kind of situation in life is never to forget doing the duty without any expectations of outcomes. 

One must accept any kind of situation in his life in totality first. After acceptance, one must acknowledge that he is really very powerful to handle any situation in life. One must note that any situations or circumstances in life are always temporary.  

Another dimension of Gita is although you are a soul, your very nature is the energy. You must not forget that you are in this materialistic world, you are working with your mind and body, so your mind and body must be managed very efficiently.

Either make your brain your friend and make it to work on your decisions, or it will enslave you and ruin you. The brain is the best tool when it is your slave and the worst when it is your master.

To synchronize the soul, mind, and body and to use it to maximum potential Krisha has talked about various methods in his book, like the technique of Karma, Bhakti, etc. 

Any kind of creative work is not just yours, you are just a channel to make that possible. So, you must have faith in something or somebody that’s above you who is guiding through the process. That can be god, that can be some sort of energy or that could be nature, it depends on person to person. 

In short, Gita is a book that tries to drag you to the reality that you are a spiritual being, and when you learn to systematize your mind, body, and soul you can achieve anything that you wish for in your life. 

“You yourself is the maker of yourself!”


I will soon post the article which will try to cover in-depth of what’s inside the book Bhagwat Gita. Stay connected.

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