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Science behind Spirituality, exciting relationship

Science behind Spirituality
The science behind Spirituality, Thank you Artem Beliaikin for this image.


This blog is quite deep to understand, so I expect the reader to have an open mind for some minutes. I will try my best not to go deeper into scientific terminology so that it becomes understandable for a general audience with little knowledge of physics. 

Who am I? Or Who are you?

I will say I am a male youth. But if I get deeper into my body and start to observe myself from the microscope, I am the set of cells and a community of around 50 trillion cells, isn’t it? Now if I go deeper, the cells are made of up atoms so overall I am the vibration of more than 1000 trillion atoms. If deeper you can calculate the number of electrons and so on (If you are interested). So, if I go again way deeper I am nothing more than energy and vibration. Isn’t it? 

So, basically we all are energy. As Nichola Tesla also said, if you want to know the secrets of the world, think in terms of energy, vibrations, and frequency. But, the question is if we all are energy why don’t we realize that???

Why do you walk around with the false identity that we are a human being but not energy or soul (said in religious terms)? It is quite a deep question to figure out. It’s simply because we are so much obsessed and distracted with the human or the materialistic level of experience. 

Now, I will ask you to stop thinking for 20 seconds. Can you? Or you were just thinking about stopping thinking? Now let’s do it again, think about what you will be doing in 20 minutes. So basically, our brain is habituated to create the reality within our head with the knowledge of past experiences. Your brain simply cannot stop thinking but enjoys creating virtual reality in your head, like thinking of the future or thinking of the past and comparing events within your head and so on, which ultimately creates suffering. Jealousy, anxiety, regret, etc are created within your brain but don’t exist in reality. A brain is a magnificent tool but it’s dangerous.  And that’s what keeps you distracted always, so you cannot ever get deeper into yourself and truly understand your true self. 

The world is nothing more than energy. The colors you see don’t exist practically if I make it clear with the physics term, every wave of light is the vibration of the electromagnetic field. So, basically waves don’t have color, a bit change in frequency which eventually when passes through our mind and processed by our brain is treated as a color. Therefore, nothing such as color exists, everything is vibration, wave, and energy, and we interpret it as color or something like that. So, everything is inside your mind. 


Let us do one experiment, read the upcoming quote silently twice.

“I can hear myself reading this in my head silently”

Isn’t it crazy, you are reading it silently though you are listening to it. Therefore you can conclude that you can witness your own thought process. You got separated from your brain so you can witness what your brain is thinking about.  So the more you get deeper into that, you will understand eventually that you do not mind, definitely not the thoughts, not even the sensation and at last you will find you are not even the body. There is something basic termed as energy or soul and when you realize that that’s the end and that’s the end conclusion of spirituality or enlightenment. (Explained deeper in the book This is it of Spirituality by Arun Khanal). You were the energy or the soul, you are the energy and will exist as energy, as energy cannot get distracted nor created. So you were there and you will be there, it’s just a matter of realization. 


So, this is the basic idea of spirituality and science. As I always say, there is a lot more research to be done in science in order to understand spirituality more deeply. And spirituality is all about the experience, the higher dimensions of spirituality cannot be explained in words.

Like the fish might not know the water that it swims in, you might not know your true ‘I am’, that you are. 

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