Secret behind permanent happiness

Secret behind happiness

Secret behind permanent happiness

Does anyone wish to any other person ‘have a bad day?’ Or have you ever wished someone “you had a bad day”? No, unless you are an alien you wish to have a good day, every day. See, everyone wants to be happy always. So basically what’s happiness? If everything goes as you wish either it’s bad or good, then you are happy. And if something doesn’t go as you wished or that you dislike your happiness disappears. 

Now, let’s understand this deeply. Why do you feel happy? If that’s because someone said good about you, someone treated you well, someone entertained you, someone made you feel love, etc. Your happiness depends on other’s behavior and response, isn’t it? The fact is, that’s temporary as people’s behavior and opinion can never be constant. The one that loves you the most can sometimes hurt you. The one you think will never better you might be your greatest enemy. Even the behavior of your family depends on their mood. Think it logically, isn’t it? If your happiness depends on something that’s not on your control, then your happiness is also not in your hand. You can never ever control people and the outside circumstance no matter how close they are to you. Does that make sense? 

Let’s now understand happiness and unhappiness. It’s nothing more than a state of mind? So everything is inside you. You choose to become happy or unhappy, as it’s your state of mind. The state of your mind is inside your mind, not outside. Isn’t it?

So if you want to have a good day every day, then you must stop attributing your happiness to external circumstances. You must not give your emotional access to happiness to anyone and anything. Neither of unhappiness. Things are quite simple, stop blaming anyone or anything for happiness or unhappiness. That’s the very first thing to do. 

Then how to be happy? This is simple, don’t outsource your happiness but insource your happiness. Means find something that’s inside you, the unchanging factor that should make you happy.

Like you are breathing and living, what else could be the greatest reason for happiness? So choose the state of mind for happiness and for that meditation helps you a lot. Any kind of meditation will work, but if you don’t have any you can take a free MMIS (Meditation for Mindfulness, Inner-Engineering, and Self-Realization) Course for free from this website, not even signup is required. 

“Don’t run anywhere in search of happiness, where are you running? Just Stop! Happiness is within the runner not outside” -Arun Khanal

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