Spirituality and Nikola Tesla, my prospective

Nikola Tesla and Spirituality
Nikola Tesla’s perspective on Spirituality


Spirituality and Nikola Tesla, interesting topic, right? First of all let me make you clear, trying to understand Nikola Tesla is not a piece of cake to eat. I believe if there is anyone in the world who is the hardest one to read and understand it’s Nikola Tesla, the father of the 20th century. Today we will try to inter-relate his spiritual perspective in this blog. 

Nikola Tesla was not just an inventor but also the one who had very much interest in ancient Vedic Science. Now the question might be, how he got to know Vedic Science. Actually he got to meet Swami Vivekananda when Swami Vivekananda was traveling the world and that was where Nikola Tesla got fascinated about Vedic Science. It is said that Tesla always wanted to connect the dots between Modern Science and Vedic Science. So, Tesla took Vedic Science as an inspiration for lots of his inventions including Free Energy (Not finished project due to funding issue).

Now let’s try to dive into the Nikola’s brain from his very quotes,

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of Energy, Vibrations, and Frequency.” 

“We are all one. People are interconnected by invisible forces. Although we have the freedom to think and act, we stick together, like stars on the heavenly arc, with unbreakable connections. These connections cannot be seen, but we can feel them.”


These very quotes or statements are quite popular ones. These three quotes are trying to convey the very vital aspect of Spirituality that there is something beyond us, which is responsible for everything that happens in this universe. Someone says that’s God, someone says it’s nature, someone says it’s an invisible force. Tesla says it’s the frequency, energy, and vibration that everything in this universe has. Literally everything has its own frequency, energy, and vibration, either that be rock, stone, you, or me. He also tries to say that everything is interconnected to each other. So, that statement gives a very strong foundation for spirituality. 

The next thing to consider is, Tesla believed we all are energy which can neither be created nor get destroyed. The same is said in Vedic Science referring to it as Spirit, which cannot get created nor destroyed. Like Tesla says, energy is independent, what differentiates us is the vibrations or the frequency. Every wave is an electromagnetic wave, the colors we see actually don’t exist physically. It’s our eyes and brain that sense and process to make yourself feel that there is a particular color, but there is nothing more than a frequency. So, everything in this universe is frequency, energy, and vibration. The more you get deeper into spirituality you will notice that you are not indifferent at all. You are connected to the world. That’s quite a fascinating thing to read, right?

Not just that, Tesla used to use his subconscious mind a lot, which can be termed as infinite intelligence to analyze the complex mathematical equations too without writing anything. He used to believe that infinite intelligence is the source and when you get connected to that, you can simply dig out the secrets. In his book (My Inventions, An Autobiography) he has written, the invention is all about harnessing the force of nature to human beings. Needless to explain it more, it’s clear. 

Therefore, more deeply you try to understand Nikola Tesla you will find him not just as a remarkable inventor but an amazing spiritual personality.

I wrote this article so that the one who is interested in Science could relate it to spirituality and furthermore try to explore Tesla.


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