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There is nothing to attain from meditation!

There is nothing to attain from meditation


Note: This post is deeper on spirituality. 

I am starting this blog from a remarkable incident from Gautama the Buddha’s life.  When he opened his eyes after getting enlightened or knowing the ultimate, his disciples around him asked, “What have you attained?”

Gautama replied, “I have attained nothing! There was already everything within me, I just needed to know that. I know that now. I have attained what I already had, there was ignorance and it is lost now, I was asleep and I am awake now, that’s just a difference” 

See, it’s a very very significant statement. We will come back to this again but let’s get a small glimpse of what evolution says about us. A respectable biologist named, Frederic Bawden once said “the evolution of human life is not a matter of anything new being added to a man, rather it is a disappearance of some previous characteristics that have been hindering his development”

It’s quite a simple yet remarkable statement. Man has just been removing his limitations. Man is trying his best to evolve from an animal to a limitless being, can be called godliness, or anything you want to name it. 

I just kept this evolution statement in-between to make you more clear that meditation or the process doesn’t take you to the new world it just makes you aware of the potential that you already have. Your perspective to see the world will change, but the world remains the same. 

So, meditation doesn’t add up anything in you but just removes the thing that is wrong which was actually stopping you to be limitless well being. 

It’s like the sculptor carving the statue, the statue was there within the stone. The sculptor just removed the unnecessary ones! 

We also have the potential to attain the ultimate or the godliness, but our ignorant nature has added a lot of impurity in it so we are far away from knowing our true self. So, meditation just makes you the real you, it gives you your real identity nothing more. You don’t attain anything, but remove sadness, distracted mind, hate, anger, ego, etc which makes you closer to the ultimate. 

You have suppressed a lot of things within your lifetime. When you wanted to laugh, you didn’t, when you wanted to weep, you forcefully stopped, when you were angry you suppressed. Not just that, you have suppressed your desires, you have suppressed your worries, there are a lot and a lot of things that are suppressed within you. You also have added some unwanted false beliefs, unwanted negativity within you, there all are to be removed, and only the pure you remain which even has the potential to explore the new dimension. Removing every unnecessary thing in you brings the well being within you. 

Therefore, the question of attaining something doesn’t exist in Spirituality. It’s already within you. Spirituality or meditation is a means to make you realize that. Spiritual journey removes the un-necessary things added within you and guides you to realize your true self!

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