Things you must avoid to become a good conversationalist

Things you must avoid to become a good conversationalist


Namaste and welcome back, you are on the third and final article of the series ” How to talk to anyone and become a great conversationalist”. In this article, I will be talking about the things that you must avoid to have a healthy conversation or to become a good conversationalist.

“Things you must avoid to become a good conversationalist”

1. Avoid unnecessary arguments.

Keep this in your head, you can never win an argument. No matter you win that for a while, internally your conversation partner will think he/she lost which eventually matters your relationship slightly. So unless it’s a must-have argument, avoid any kind of arguments, strictly. 

2. Avoid being reactive

It is very crucial in any kind of conversation. There are people who are not always kind. They might say the things that might hurt you, or blame for the things that you have never ever done. In such cases, avoid reacting. Don’t react, either ignore the conversation or become proactive (Think and reply). The point is don’t be reactive, when you are angry and you become reactive you ruin the environment. 

3. Never ask directly what is your profession?

Yes, it’s not a good practice to ask what do you do rather replace it with another pattern of asking the same question. You might say, ‘what do you do most of your time?”.You will certainly get the answer. If that person is a teacher he/she might reply with, “ I teach students”, now you can question, “So, you are a teacher, great”. Something like that. You got what I mean, right?

4. Never ever talk anything bad about the third person in your conversation

Well if that person is bad, still don’t say that unless you are having a conversation with your best friend. Why is that? The conversation partner might think, if you backbite the people then you might also backbite the partner you are talking with so they will never speak openly. 

5. Avoid incomplete sentences

The basic rule is don’t just say thank you! Don’t just say you look pretty or handsome, something like that. Explain that. Say, Thank you for dropping me home. Say, you look more handsome in this new suit. So, always use complete sentences. That makes the conversation genuine. 

This is the end of the series, “How to talk to anyone and become a great conversationalist”. If you didn’t get any point clearly and want to discuss more, you can easily contact me on social sites (Given on the contact page). Most of these tricks are given by Leil Lowndes, you can read her books on a similar topic. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter for getting such posts directly in your mail. Don’t worry I will send you only the ones that will optimize you. 

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