Think, the reality is different!

Think, the solution to almost all the problems!

This article will be helpful if you are between the ages of 14 and 30. The problem with today’s people between this age group is that they are not aware of reality. You have the idea of the subconscious brain and also know it is the giant storehouse with a limitless memory, it stores everything and makes an impression if it’s repeated. Means whatever you see, hear, feel is all stored which will act as your resource for discussion and thinking. Whatever is stored in your subconscious brain now becomes yours, you were an empty mind when born, you add everything within your brain from your experience or from other sources. And when it’s added it’s yours, it becomes your thought, it becomes your belief. 

Now let us deeply analyze, from where you get all the information? From parents, friends, T.V., movies, youtube, people, books, etc. Everything you speak to even what you think depends upon the things that your subconscious brain has stored, ideas cannot come from nowhere, it just gets generated from what you have stored on your subconscious brain.

Now, here is the problem, the reality is you unknowingly accept a lot of bullshit perspectives from your parents, friends, T.V., movies, etc that you will make your life miserable. I am probably confusing you a bit. Let me ask you a question? “ How should your girlfriend or boyfriend be?” Think, Now you will start to look into your brain and get the ideas from your friend, maybe most of your friend has told ‘girlfriend/ boyfriend should be beautiful’, maybe you have seen in movies, ‘he/she should be romantic, caring’ and depending upon your brain feeds you start giving the list to me about how your gf/bf should be like. Isn’t it so? So, you have just accepted a lot of facts without caring if it is ‘worth or not’, ‘true or not’, ‘practical or not’ in your brain and when it’s time to use them, you use them as it is.

You idealize people and think  ‘he is my dad so whatever he speaks must be correct’ and you simply accept that. You are a fan of someone, whatever he says you simply accept that whatever fashion style he has you simply follow that because you are a fan of him, how can your choice make some bad decisions? This is your mindset and you forget that your ideal person is also a human being and he/she makes a mistake, is not always correct, may have some false assumptions but you simply accept that.


Yes, think. Filter everything that you listen to seriously so that only the processed thought gets stored into your subconscious, not the raw information. Not everyone is always true and not everyone is always false. So filter them, not all the things that your father or mother or brother simply loved ones say to you are correct, have the habit of thinking on that particular thing and the same thing could be good for other and bad for you so have the habit of thinking, store everything into your subconscious brain in the processed form. 

Now let me clarify you with a simple example, suppose you were talking with one of the teachers, the teacher you assume his/her’s teachings are correct and that particular person hate American (Assumption)  because of some reason and he says in front of you that American is bad, as you have no idea about that topic and maybe have not met American before so yo simply store the idea in your subconscious brain that Americans are bad as your teacher is saying that. 

Now see, you made a false mindset, you accepted his mindset, next time when someone talks about American you will add your idea that they are bad according to the reference in your subconscious brain that was stored from your teacher and you might even forget the source but it will be your mindset. 

Now analyze that, at the very moment when your teacher said that Americans are bad if you have thought about that, why is he saying so, or even asked and concluded that maybe some American have done something bad to him but that doesn’t mean all American are bad at that time you will not store the conclusion in your subconscious brain that Americans are bad so that you will not say Americans are bad next time until and unless you face that. 

So think, have the habit of thinking. Today’s youth doesn’t think at all, they just search for information and store it. If they are confused on anything they don’t dare to think they just google it or ask anyone and accept the information, due to that the thinking ability of people just gets rusted and people cannot even solve some minor problems in life, they become dumb, due to that they get depressed which is the serious problem now in youth.

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