About the book: This is it of Spirituality by Arun Khanal

This is it of Spirituality by Arun Khanal book with coffee

You got to know about this book and you are interested to read, that’s great but why should you go through this book? There must be a reason to read it, isn’t it? Spirituality plays a vital role in success in materialistic life. If you look at the most successful people in the world who have achieved the unachievable they all are somehow into spirituality. Nichola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Michel Jackson, Bill Gates, Will Smith, Michael Jordan, Steve Jobs, Jeniffer Lopez, etc are the celebrities who have directly confessed to the world about their faith in spirituality. They have openly stated their meditating habits. These people are the idols for materialistic success, but people only try to get influenced by their materialistic lifestyle by imitating them. However, people aren’t aware of the spiritual dimension of their life. Spirituality is the topic that is not shared in public so people, even don’t know the one they idolize, are into spirituality; fulfilled materialistic lifestyles go parallel with a profound spirituality.  A little guide for the path of spirituality can change your life when your inner world changes the outer world automatically becomes better. 

There is a sense of lack, sense of loneliness, sense of incompleteness, fear of death in every human being; this is the basic unseen problem in everyone’s life. Who am I? What is the purpose of my life? I am or am I not? Why is there emptiness in my life? What is this restlessness for? These are the common unseen problems in your life, but who will solve it? Where is the solution? Where is your answer?

You can get the answer in the spiritual dimension which is beyond time and space. This book will give you that ultimate truth as it is, it does not matter whether you get it or not, because this is the purest statement of truth explained. If you get it, you will know the ultimate truth and that is enlightenment or self-realization, whatever you call that. This book will give you the end conclusion of spirituality, there is nothing more than this in terms of self-realization. This is it!

This is it of Spirituality by Arun Khanal
This is it of Spirituality by Arun Khanal


There is a misunderstanding among the people that spirituality is for a sage who is away from his materialistic world. Actually spirituality changes your inner world, when your inner world changes your materialistic world becomes more joyful than ever, you will reach your goal faster than ever, you will start to enjoy every aspect of your life, you will know the way to direct your body and mind just perfectly to achieve the unachievable in your life. When your mind and body are out of sync with you, it won’t matter how successful you become or what you have in your life or who is in your life- you won’t enjoy any of it.

I wrote this book to keep the truth in front of you. I wrote this book to present the essence of spirituality so that you do not get misguided in the name of spirituality, in the name of getting the ultimate. This book is written with the reference to Astavakra Gita adding the practical meditation techniques. Mind that, Astavakra Gita is not of any religion. Although the spiritual dimension is the same in almost all religious books, why I didn’t choose any other scriptures and chose this will be discussed in the first chapter. Although I chose Astavakra Gita for reference of some verses, I will be connecting the dots of spirituality explained by every enlightened being and every religion.

This book is the journey that will guide you to evolve you from an ordinary, limited, and deluded person trapped within the shell of ego into a fully conscious being of unlimited possibilities, compassion, and insight. 


The book will get published soon. There might be a slight dilemma due to Pandemic though.

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