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Universe understands your frequency not your English

Universe understands your frequency not your English, by Arun Khanal

Let’s begin this article with the quote,

“You attract what you are but not what you want”

Everything in this universe has some frequency and energy. Not just the FM radio or the TV, mobile, etc has a certain frequency but me, you, and everyone in this universe has their own frequency. We are limited, our eyes only can perceive a certain amount of frequency, our ears can only catch the frequency of the audible range, and so on. For us something seems to exist if that’s visible or audible enough for us to perceive, or if we can feel it. Does that mean that the frequency with which your mobile phone is communicating the false thing? No, it’s there, it’s just that our sense organs can perceive information within some frequency range only, beyond that it is not of our scope. 

Therefore basically, we are and the universe is connected to each other in terms of frequency only, nothing more. If we go back, in the beginning, we have the same origin before the big bang occurred. Physically the particles got separated from the big mass, but in the quantum level or in terms of energy the particles are connected. So, undoubtedly are connected to the universe and we communicate in terms of frequency. 


The other important idea that we must consider is we are also emitting some frequency from our body and that actually determines what our life is going to be. Our prayer basically doesn’t make sense unless we are asking from the heart. That means, unless we are radiating the frequency of information from our body. 

A person with strong belief that he is sad, he is not attractive and so on is radiating the frequency around his field which ultimately makes that happen, as within brain he might want to be happy or more attractive and so on but in reality he is emitting the frequency of sadness, means he will get that. 

“The quantum field responds not to what we want; it responds to who we are being.”

The question might arize, how can we then get connected to the quantum world of awareness? There’s a simple answer to that, become the receiver of that enegry by slowing your brain waves. Once you start to slow down your brain waves and become steady you start to become one with the quantum world of awareness. Seems simple, but it’s really very complicated thing to do! Best wishes.


For the ones who want to know that how can the frequency or the sound affects the reality, I have written an article based on the research of Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiment, Can words change reality? What experiment says about that?

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