What is the best time for meditation or prayer?


What is the best time for meditation or prayer?

People usually ask me, what is the best time for meditation? I generally ask them again, what is the purpose of your mediation?

If it’s just to make you more focused, relaxed then probably anytime when you feel you need to meditate, you can meditate at that time. But, if the person says the purpose of my meditation is to dive in a spiritual dimension or to be into spirituality then I say it’s best to mediate in the morning.

So, let’s understand first how is the scenario in the morning like? It is time in the day when the world is not quite busy. The flow of energy is quit less, vibrations or radiations everything is least as compared to 24 hours cycle. Simply the world around you is at peace. Being into spirituality through meditation is all about self-realization or being able to get connected to the infinite intelligence. Someone might say the same thing as the god or simply anything that you believe is above you that is somehow responsible for everything that’s happening around you. That for someone can also be the energy, anyway, the purpose of meditation is to connect with that force. To be in sync with that force. 

So think it logically, what could be the best time to connect with that energy? It would definitely be the time when the environment is not too disturbed and as well as that energy is quite efficient. Also your mental state matters, you must be in a good mental state means less disturbed to be in sync with the higher energy. So, morning time is the best time for you to connect to that energy more efficiently. What time in the morning? Every religion suggests you have prayer or pooja early in the morning at around the sunrise or during the sunrise. So, it is a scientific suggestion. But, still, the best time for spirituality is in Brahma Muhurat, it is the time around 45 or 1 hour before the sunrise. The world is in peace, the positive vibrations are at the maximum level so it’s the best time to try to get connected to the spiritual world.

Some people even say that they wake up at between 3 am to 4 am, that’s sometimes interpreted as a spiritual message, which means you are able to feel the energy. You are in sync with nature and nature wants to message you something. This is a spiritual belief, which is how far correct I even don’t know but I have read in a lot of books and even listened from some of the people I know. 


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