We all can develop the charismatic character

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You can become charismatic now!

Have you seen the amazing celebrities like Tom Cruise, Shahrukh Khan, Angelina Jolie,etc.? How magnet they are right! That is what it is called the charismatic character. They simply attract people when they are in the common space. Charisma can be termed as personal magnetism too. Are they inherently magnetic in nature by birth? Can’t we develop a charismatic character that can be a good question to think of? 

Faces and the physical appearance of some people are really magnetic by nature, but mind that it’s the subjective term. The person you find attractive might not be attractive to someone else. Overall some person has an appearance that can attract more people in general, but it doesn’t contribute a lot in being a charismatic personality, as I said beauty is subjective in nature. But, is the charismatic character just about appearance? No, not at all. 


So, first of all, clear the doubt that charisma is the natural trait. No, it’s not. You can develop that by following some methods given in this article today. 

One of the renowned author Olivia Fox, who is the expert of the field Charisma and is also the author uses a simple approach called PPW, which I will be using in this article too. PPW means, Presence, Power, and Warmth.



I always emphasize this word. Being in the present moment is your superpower. I have written an article related to that too. It applies to be the charismatic character too. So, you must be present at the moment to be charismatic. When you are in the present moment, you will give 100% attention to the person or the group you are talking with. When you are giving your 100% you will speak with confidence, you will listen to others, and so on. Simply the other person next to you will feel that they are the most important person for you. This is the key to the Presence concept. You can check out the interview of some charismatic personality, I can assure you that you will definitely find this characteristic in them. 

Yes, this habit doesn’t come instantly. You need to work on it. You can do mindfulness meditation, practice a lot, and so on. As a reminder, there is a completely free 13 days meditation course for Mindfulness, Inner-Engineering, and Self-Realization on this website which you can take any time. 


Power and Warmth

I have kept these both keyword on the same topic as they must go hand by hand. You must seem to be powerful to be charismatic as well as you must show warmth to people. So, basically you must use power to benefit others. You must show your power to become the dominant kind. But if you just show the power and become dominant will people get attracted? No! So, you must have warmth too. This is the key to being a charismatic character.

Therefore, Presence, power, and warmth are the key that you must not forget at all for building the charismatic character. 


Things seem so simple but they aren’t. There is always something going on in your head, which basically disturbs you from being in the present moment. Have you felt sometimes you are listening to someone but you get into something in your head that you totally forget the moment and maybe sometimes smiling remembering something? Isn’t it? So, you must develop the habit of being in the present and as usual, meditation helps you with that.

There are also some discomforts within your mind already. The discomfort maybe, I am not good enough to have a good conversation, I am not confident or something like that. Such things actually disturb you at the moment. So you must remove such discomfort by adding some positive affirmations. If you think you are not confident, before attending an important event just say to yourself that “I am confident and I am sure I will give my best”. Such affirmations subconsciously help you a lot. Likewise, you can use the technique such as visualization, which will help you a lot.

So, this was a short article on developing the charismatic character. As you know, you must know how to have a good conversation along with these things. There is a series of article which talks about how to become a great conversationalist and master the skill of conversation, which will be helpful. 


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